It’s December!!!

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year.’

It is DECEMBER!!!!  Also known as my absolute favorite month… Christmas is coming so so fast, and November went by in the blink of an eye!  November really was a pretty fun-filled month, and I’m anticipating December to fly by even quicker.  As far as my “accomplish list” for November went, I was able to accomplish a few things!!  Not all the things though.  The month seriously was over before I felt I could do much!  My blogging has not been as consistent here lately either… My laptop has started to slowly die on me, so I’m trying to work with what I have.  Anyways, back to the list:
Read at least 2 new books
              It happened!  I started re-reading the Series of Unfortunate Events in preparation for the new Netflix series, and am currently on book 6!
       Stop with all the TV   –   It didn’t happen….
      Train Cooper to stay in Place when people come to the door  –  Ummmm, still a WIP

       Read and Study 3 more books in the New Testament – It didn’t happen…
       Bake a cake that is actually edible (I’ve had about 3 EPIC fails in the last week and a half)
              After 2 more embarrassing fails, I opted to bake from boxed mixes from now on
Hang up my bedroom decor
              Done, Done & Done!!  I have 1 more thing to make for my wall!
 Convince my family to join me at church
              Done!  My mom and sister actually joined me in church, and both loved it!
Start running again  –  Since my allergies are still awful, I have been confined to indoors.

So basically, the month of December, I’m going to continue working on this list…

“Christmas time is here again…”

It is finally the month where it is acceptable to wear Christmas sweaters, randomly break out into Christmas songs (Hallelujah!), and watch ALL the Christmas movies (though I tend to do this year round).  The tree is up and fully decorated.  All the decorations are out and hung.  All the presents are wrapped and under the tree awaiting December 25.  Stockings are hung and slowly being filled.  And the ‘present’ of patience is upon us, as we await the celebration of Jesus’ birth!  It truly is the best time of the year.  So I have decided to share some of my Christmas favorites so far for this year:

Buy it Here

My favorite Christmas CD this year is Adore by Chris Tomlin.  A worship twist on traditional Christmas Carols, but they are all pretty amazing.  

Where are you Christmas?

Buddy the Elf, What’s your favorite color?

My favorite two Christmas movies of all time.  I tend to watch them year round though.


And of course, my all time favorite Christmas Present!!!

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed❤️

On this day of thankfulness, most people spend time reflecting on what they have been blessed with.  I think it would be nearly impossible for me to list out all of my blessings. A simple ‘Thank You Jesus‘ is the phrase constantly running through my head today.  Out of all years, I believe this year my heart is in a different place, a much better place, and I can step back and simply say ‘Wow.’ All the things I used to think I needed, I looked over SO many things I already have. I hope and pray for everyone today.  That you are able to just take a step back and say Wow. Instead of focusing on what you might want, you are able to see every single blessing in your life, and I hope you are in awe just like I have been.

To you and your family, I hope you have the most amazing Thanksgiving and start to the holiday season.  I pray for safe travels and happy times,  lots of delicious food and even more radiant laughs.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Weekend Re-Wind 11/16/16

I promise, eventually I am going to get the swing of this blog timing thing and be a little more on time with these things.  But in the spirit of catching up!!!!

This weekend was seriously an absolute blast!  I was off work again on Friday and met up with my mom, sister and Nana at the Houston Nutcracker Market.  The Nutcracker Market is just a HUGE Christmas buying extravaganza.  I tried to get a few pictures to show you guys, but it is so much more of an experience than a shopping trip.  I think I only bought 3 things the entire weekend.  The same could not be said for my fellow shoping mates.  I actually made it to the market right when the doors open, and holy moly…. The mass amounts of women trying to rush into this place… It was kinda totally nuts.  I found myself a mimosa and a seat and chilled until the family showed up.  In past years, we have always gone on the Friday of the market (it runs Thursday to Sunday).  I do not ever remember a Friday being sooooo packed and crazy!!  They also have multiple full bars throughout the market area (thank heavens), so Bloody Marys were the first purchase of the day.  We shopped from about 10 AM to 2 PM.

Cooper was at home, and I had a friend coming in town.  Plus, we wanted to get the heck out of dodge before all the 5:00 traffic.  We maybe made it through half of the market.  I’m telling you, the place is huge!

Cooper was so excited a visitor was coming

A good friend of mine, also came in town to spend the weekend and do fun things!  Since she had never been to a dine in movie theater, we decided to go see Dr. Strange at Studio Movie Grill.  The movie was AMAZING.  She totally shares my Star Wars, Marvel, Comics obsession, so we get along quite well.  Saturday morning, we were at the Nutcracker Market with another friend of mine an hour before the doors opened.  So we found our place in line.  We weren’t in a huge rush or anything, so we just hung out a bit and chatted.  I will say, Saturday, actually, was not as insane as Friday.  We managed to do the entire market by 2 PM, which was the same amount of time it took me with my family to do about half.  We were all pretty successful in our finds!  I bought a really pretty cross ornament to match my tree, and a tin piece to put out in my living room.

After relaxing and getting off our feet for an hour or so back at the apartment, we decided to go check out the Degas exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.  Of course, it was absolutely amazing.  My friend is a history major, but also has taken many classes in art history.  It was an absolute blast hearing all the back stories on the pieces and just more information on what made the artist paint in such a way.  Being a former dancer, Degas has always captured my attention.  His ballet pieces are breath-taking.

We decided to get dinner at the Original Carrabbas on Kirby after the museum.  We didn’t really eat lunch, or breakfast, so we were STARVING.  The food was fantastic; the atmosphere was fantastic; it was just all around perfection.  Sunday was a super chill day.  I started the day off with church.  My friend headed home pretty early to get to her hubby.  I spent the rest of the day watching The Crown on Netflix.  If you have not started watching it yet, DO IT.  You will not regret it one bit!!  It is so so crazy interesting!!!  The acting is amazing, the costuming and sets are breath-taking.  Just watch it.

Check It Out

Weekend Re-Wind 11/6/16

A tad bit late, but finally catching up!  This weekend, I spent in my hometown doing a bunch of different fun activities.  It was my little brothers last high school football game (he’s in the band and on the drum line, not a football player).  It was also my mom’s birthday.  My family finally let me cook them dinner (it was delish).  Me and my sister fired up my mom’s new cri-cut explore and made some pretty neat signs for the house.  Cooper had a blast playing and running around in my parents backyard.  It was a pretty chill weekend, but fun nonetheless.

I was able to go watch my little brother in his last pep-rally.  I also have to mention, he is the baby of the family.  So when I say the last pep-rally/last football game, my parents legitimately had their LAST high school football game/pep rally with a kid to cheer on.  They say they were both excited and relieved, but I know my mom was sighing a little more than normal.  Of course he had a blast, and the drum line always has an impressive routine!  We were playing our huge rivals, the PNG Indians, so it was an intense game.  They call it the Bum Phillips Bowl because Bum Phillips coached at both schools.  My high school lost, sadly.

Brice is the one in the hat.

Co-incidentally my Aggies lost too… But we won’t delve into all that.  Saturday I cooked for my mom, which was a blast.  We also finally set up her cricut for her and had some fun crafting.  My mom and nana made some thanksgiving signs.  I decided to go with something for my bedroom.

It’s never a full family weekend without giving Brice some sort of hard time.  My dad thought it would be entertaining to convince him that he would be required to dress up for dinner, and that we were all in dresses and heels and coats.  So he got all nice and dolled up, walked into my grandparents house (where we were eating), and saw that all of us were lacking makeup and any sort of nice clothing.  He wasn’t too happy about it, but we all got a nice laugh from it.  Conveniently, my parents live next door to my grandparents, so Brice was able to walk back home to change into more comfortable clothing.

Cooper always has a blast at his Meemee and Pops house!  As you can tell, he was pretty exhausted for a few days after all the excitement.  The yorkie is my parents dog, Mia.  She is quite the little princess!  She’s crazy sweet though.  Her and Cooper have an interesting time together.

It’s November!!!

It’s finally November!!!  Yes, I know I’m a couple of days late…. (sorry about that)  I actually have been busy taking down all my Halloween decor and going through my boxes and boxes of Christmas stuff.  Christmas is THE best time of the year. Hands down.

So November is here.  October basically flew by.  Actually this entire year has flown by, not that I don’t welcome it.  2016 has been…. well interesting.  Not all bad things, but I am still welcoming, with open arms, this new exciting holiday season!  The weather still is not very conducive to being Fall.  Hopefully that changes like tomorrow, because this hot weather and my allergies are SO over summer.  My mom’s birthday is this weekend, so she likes to start off the month pretty strong.  I’m going to my hometown to celebrate her with the rest of my family.  They are finally letting me cook dinner for everybody, and I am SO SO SO excited!! (Look out for the recipes next week)  The next weekend, we will have the Nutcracker Market here in Houston.  Basically, it’s just a HUGE Christmas Decor Market, and it is an absolute BLAST!  We usually tailgate outside in the parking lot before shopping. (I told you it was a big deal right?) Overall, the month should be pretty packed with fun and exciting things to do!  We also have the Renaissance Festival going on in town.  I’ve never been before, but always wanted to go, so I think I might finally be able to attend with a couple of friends of mine in a few weeks!  Like I said, lots of fun and exciting things!!  Of course, I FINALLY get to start decorating for Christmas (eeks!!!!).  Basically just The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (see what I did there… yes I have started listening to Christmas music).  I am also praying on my decision to join the Church here in town that I’ve been attending.  They welcome new members at the middle of this month, and it’s been on my heart, so I’m hoping God can lead me in the right direction in my decision on this.  I don’t want to become an avid “church hopper”, so I am taking the decision pretty seriously.

Some things I really want to accomplish this month:
Read at least 2 new books
Stop with all the TV
Train Cooper to stay in Place when people come to the door

Read and Study 3 more books in the New Testament
Bake a cake that is actually edible (I’ve had about 3 EPIC fails in the last week and a half)
Hang up my bedroom decor
Convince my family to join me at church
Start running again

“If you can visualize it, If you can dream it, There’s some way to do it.”
                                          -Walt Disney

Choose to Thrive not Survive

In a period of 6 hours this weekend, I read “The Magnolia Story.”  If you haven’t bought this book yet, go buy it now and read it immediately.  It was one of the best, most inspirational books I have ever read in my entire life.  There are so many different themes throughout the book, I could probably write 6 or 7 different blogs on it just trying to get out all of my thoughts and feelings.  However, I will strive to contain it in this one entry.  I do apologize if it is a little long.  This book gives you a full background on exactly who Joanna and Chip Gaines are.  Their struggles, their successes, and primarily their amazing faith in God’s plan for their life.  Seriously, just reading how Chip managed his finances stressed me out!  In the end, clearly, everything played out exactly how it was supposed to.  Their ability to give everything up to God and simply trust in his plan is AMAZING.  It’s something that I am not sure I would have been able to do in their situations, but it gives me hope and faith that maybe I should just trust that what is to happen will happen.  This has always been something I personally have struggled with.

“Even Locked Doors can be Unlocked in Time.”

One of the themes that really spoke to me was even if you walk away from something for now, that thing can always come back to fruition.  I suppose this also aligns itself with the age-old saying, “If you love something, let it go.  If it comes back to you it’s yours; if not, it wasn’t meant to be.”  Letting go and letting God is NOT an easy thing to actually do.  With me personally, I am at an age where every single one of my friends is either married, engaged, or about to be engaged.  As a perpetually single person, this is something I have recently been struggling with.  It is also something I have been trying to give to God and trust in his plan for me.  I have, for quite a while now, opted to just be single and be myself, which I have absolutely no problem with.  I have closed myself off to any possible outside relationship.  I work very well on my own, and I enjoy giving all my extra time and attention to myself and my dog.  However, very recently, I made this decision to look forward to an exciting adventure planned out for me.  With this decision, I have begun to think, ‘Man, I cannot wait to see who he has out there for me,’ and ‘I cannot wait to find out what my story will be.’  I have made the decision to allow God to unlock that door for me, when he knows it to be the right time.

“I always thought that the “thriving” would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good.”

I seriously wish I would have finished this book prior to Friday.  This past weekend, I had some friends from college coming in town to stay with me, that I had not seen in almost a year.  Last week I was running around my apartment making sure absolutely everything was ‘perfect.’  All the curtains were hanging properly, all the pictures were straight, I even ran around painting and buying decor for my house so it would look ‘pinterest-worthy.’  I really don’t think my friends actually cared how perfect my house was, but being the Type A person I am, I had to have it all done.  When Cooper would pull out his toys, I would get frustrated because he had to have ALL the toys out at once and make such a huge mess of it all.  Then I finished reading this book, and man… I already mentioned how God’s Timing is key in this book too?  Yeah, well I could not have chosen a better time to start reading this.  In the book, Joanna talks about her struggle of feeling like her house had to always be PERFECT to impress her friends and customers, and how that negatively impacted her stress-level and her relationship with her children.  Every time her kids brought out a new set of toys, she would get frustrated because she would be turning around and picking up just more and more toys (Hello parallelism to my life).  “… the pressure we women and moms are all under these days.  It seems as if the standards are so much higher than they were just a few years ago, mainly because of what we see whenever we look on the Internet.”  The book goes on to talk about how years ago it took extra effort for people to get out of the house, drive to a newsstand, spend the money to buy a magazine, and then read the magazine to find out the current style and trends.  In this day and age, with Pinterest and Facebook and all of the social media sites, it’s a constant struggle to maintain that “perfect image.”  Truly, that “perfect image” is completely made up in your mind, and the second you choose to make what you have, be that perfect image, the happier you are going to be!  Instead of just opting to survive, CHOOSE to thrive!!

There were so many amazing quotes and ideas and themes throughout this entire book, you truly have to read it to get everything out of it.  The main theme throughout the book though, was that God’s timing is perfect and to never stop pursuing your dreams.

“Go and find what it is that inspires you, go and find what it is that you love, and go do that until it hurts.  Don’t quit, and don’t give up.  The reward is just around the corner.  And in times of doubt or times of joy, listen for that still, small voice.  Know that Gad has been there from the beginning – and he will be there until the end.”

Buy the Book here!!!

In Case You Were Wondering…

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

So I have started a blog.  I have joined the millions on millions of people in this world to share my life and my experiences with other people.  Typically, I am a VERY conservative person.  I keep things inside; I tell them to my dog; I tell them to God, but I do not share them with the general public.  Basically, the last year has been a whirlwind, not that my life is very interesting.  I enjoy reading, critiquing movies, going on adventures with my pup, cooking, learning absolutely everything I can fit in my brain.  I am a problem solver, and I love to craft and make things with my own two hands. I also happen to be a klutz and am not the most coordinated. Not very many crazy and bizarre things happen to me.  I am just an ordinary person striving to lead an extraordinary life.  I’m so excited to share my thoughts and ideas and crafts and foods and of course crazy dog stories with you guys, and I am so glad you decided to join in on the ride!  I won’t pretend I know what I’m doing, so please if you have comments, HELP ME.  I will take all the constructive criticism I can get!

Until next time… XOXO

P.S. Did I mention I also love Gossip Girl??