Tonight, me and Cooper will be celebrating by watching all things Mickey Mouse:  Steamboat Willie, Fantasia (next on my marathon list), Fun and Fancy Free, Mickey’s Christmas Carol… All things Mickey Mouse.

I’m thinking about making some sort of Mickey Mouse dessert item, just because I really want some chocolate (MICKEY MOUSE RICE CRISPIES).  I will most definitely be raising a glass to Mickey tonight!

I, luckily, was never the little kid that was afraid of giant costumed humans (not that I knew humans were inside the costumes).  I don’t remember most of my early Disney trips, but I do remember meeting Mickey Mouse, and getting his autograph, and being just totally amazed.  I guess in some way, since Walt Disney is no longer alive, he lives through Mickey Mouse, or at least that’s how I have always viewed it.  No, Walt wasn’t perfect, but no human actually is.  He was pretty inspirational though, and he has always inspired me to pursue my dreams.  If you look at the Disney movies, and the Disney songs, and the Disney parks, they all come back to the one theme:

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
                                    Walt Disney

Mickey Mouse embodies this whole ideal to me!  To say “it all started with a mouse” is just completely mind-boggling.  A small tiny mouse is what started this HUGE, GIANT Corporation with hundreds of films, 11 different theme parks around the world, and a hundred different companies and studios.  One man’s faith in something so small was capable of growing to be an explosion of success and a lifetime of happiness for so many generations to come.  Today is a celebration of not only Mickey Mouse, but the birth of this incredible Company.

So Happy Birthday to the faith of yesterday, the hope in today and the courage for tomorrow!  Happy Birthday to the mouse who has always encouraged me to chase my dreams and not settle for anything less!  Happy Birthday to the Mouse that started it all!  

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!!

#Movie Marathon -Pinocchio

Pinocchio was next on my Marathon list, and holy moses this one totally topped Snow White in the “scare” factor.  I’m still trying to figure out how exactly this is considered a kid’s film.  I remember maybe watching it once or twice as a child, and my parents most definitely had a good reason behind that.  This movie is CREEPY to the max.  Basically the whole thing.  The Blue Fairy is decent, and Jiminy Cricket is an icon, but, beyond that, I would be okay with never watching this film again.

Turns out Disney actually upped the budget for this film by almost $1 million.  The budget for Pinocchio in today’s money would be a little bit over $39 million, which is quite a good chunk of change, and y’all the movie is awful!  It didn’t come close to making even a quarter of what Snow White made.  I’ve watched a few Walt Disney biographies, and I know during this time Walt was actually already pretty focused on Fantasia, so Pinocchio kind of slid by a little, but, again, not a kids movie.


I do feel like the overall animation of this film was a tad better than Snow White, so there is some improvement.  There are a few good “lessons” in this movie too: Follow your dreams, Let your conscience be your guide, Don’t lie or your nose will grow, Don’t run away from home and drink alcohol and smoke cigars as a child because you might turn into a donkey and be hauled off and sold as slaves…  The usual lessons in Disney movies, right?  I’m still trying to figure out why Geppetto would think that Pinocchio ran off into the ocean, and the best way to find him is to go out to sea in the middle of  a terrible storm with a cat, and then get eaten by the most frightening whale I have ever seen in my life.  Most of this movie truly just did not make any sense at all.  I almost felt like they were trying WAY too hard to push WAY too many different messages throughout the film.  The “Bad Guys” are all absolutely terrifying, and Jiminy Cricket is the worst conscience I have ever seen.  I mean, really, who just loses a walking, talking puppet at all, much less more than once!  The whole movie Jiminy spends essentially searching for a lost Pinocchio.  I think watching this film would actually be a good form of punishment for misbehaving children.  I do have to note that one of the best Disney songs ever came from the movie though (Quite possibly the only good thing).  ‘When you wish upon a star’ will always be one of my absolute favorites!

Anddddddd next will be Fantasia!  I do not actually think I’ve ever watched the entire movie before.  Only ever seen bits and pieces, so I’m excited to watch it!

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you.”
-Jiminy Cricket




#MovieMarathon – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I finally started the Disney Marathon!!!!!  So of course  I had to start with the first Disney Animated Film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I remember watching this movie as a kid. I’m pretty sure I was Snow White for Halloween one year.  It was definitely not the first time I had seen it, but I had not watched it in quite some time.


A little background, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was first shown at the Carthay Circle Theater in Los Angeles on December 21, 1937 to VERY pleased viewers.  It was the first full length movie to use the cel film animation technique, and it was Walt Disney’s baby (besides Mickey Mouse, of course).  It received 1 normal sized honorary Oscar and 7 dwarf sized honorary Oscars at the 11th Academy Awards.  It was released worldwide on February 4, 1938.  Over its lifetime the film has made $418,200,000.  Adjusted for inflation, this totals to $6,977,634,568, which totally puts it in much better perspective.  Being that this was the first full length animated film, making that amount of money, Walt Disney clearly hit a gold mine.  Snow White is still listed as one of the top 10 money-making films in America.

This movie is not for the weak of heart.  Clearly times have changed since it was created, but this movie is actually kinda extremely freaky.  The queen wanting the Hunter to carve out Snow White’s beating heart isn’t even the worst part.  I had to cover both my and Cooper’s eyes when those trees became alive and Snow White gets lost in the EXTREMELY creepy forest.  I do not know how I watched this as a child.

Tell me how this is NOT frightening.

It’s even more weird as an adult watching this movie, and noting that this young woman just happens to find a cottage in the middle of the woods and then STAYS when these 7 creepy short men show up.  Pretty sure that was the exact opposite of everything my mother ever taught me to do growing up.  It is amazing to me how Disney had not yet figured out the animals should talk.  Yet, somehow, Snow White was still able to convince them to help her with the housework and cooking.  No matter how much I sing in my kitchen/house, that never ends up happening.  Even Cooper generally runs away and hides somewhere instead of being helpful.

All in all Snow White has never been one of my favorite movies.  It’s pretty fricken weird and creepy and just all around odd.  The whole 80 year time difference thing probably has everything to do with it.  I still will always feel obliged to watch it though because it was made by the one and only Walt Disney, also it has some pretty awesome music.  I actually listened to Heigh Ho on my drive to work a couple of days ago, so at least that came from it!  “Someday my Prince will Come” is also pretty inspirational, and “Whistle While you Work” is just a classic awesome Disney song.

Next up is Pinocchio!  If I remember correctly, this one is also slightly terrifying.  I believe I’m beginning to see a pattern here…

“What do you do when things go wrong? Oh, you sing a song.”
                                          -Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing… That it was all started by a Mouse.” Walt Disney

Basically everybody that knows me knows at least one very specific thing about me. I LOVE DISNEY.  Everything Disney related!  For graduation, I asked for stock in the Walt Disney Company.  I love reading their 10K’s and public filings (I told you I was a nerd right?).  I love watching Disney movies and learning how they have survived for so long in such a difficult market.  Of course, I love going to the parks.  There’s just something about Disney that allures me in a BIG way.  This corporation is able to create a movie or a theme park that completely transports you to this happy, go-lucky universe.  It’s just mind-boggling.

I was raised on Disney.  My grandparents went to Disney World the year it opened with my dad and uncle.  My mom has always loved Disney, probably about as much as I do.  My siblings and I were raised watching all of the classic movies.  I think I was 6 months old when my parents first took me to Disney World, and I was the cutest little Minnie Mouse ever!  Growing up, my parents would take us to Disney World about every 4 years, and they are some of my absolute fondest memories.  This last January, I was able to spend my 25th birthday in Disneyland, and I don’t think I will ever be able to top it!  Seriously, if you have not been to Disney on your birthday, GO!! It will be the absolute best day of your life.

Pooh Bear sang Happy Birthday to me. It was awesome.

I have not been back to Disney World in about 10 years, and it definitely is KILLING me.  I’m planning on a trip hopefully in the next couple years.  I wanted to wait until all the Star Wars stuff was complete, buttttttt that’s just way too long to wait.  I do have a dream of visiting all the Disney Theme Parks in the world, so hopefully that will happen, and if it does you better believe the blogs will be on here!  I’ve only ever been to Disney World and Disneyland, so Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai, I’m coming for you!  If only I can get over my fear of flying over water for extended periods of time….

Another thing I have wanted to do for a while: re-watch all the Disney Animated Classic Movies in release order.  So I plan to start that soon and will be adding those blogs to this category as well (#DisneyMovieMarathon)!!

One of my favorite things about Walt Disney; he always said the best darn things!!! So I’ll leave you with some of my favorites:

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

“Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.”

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

“That’s the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up.”

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.”