When he answers ‘Yes.’

I have been perpetually single my entire life.  I’ve had the occasional boyfriend here or there, but nothing has ever really ‘stuck’.  My family is pretty used to me taking care of myself and not bringing anyone to family affairs.  Now, I am truly not complaining at all.  I actually work really, really well by myself (well with Cooper).  It’s just never been something in my life that I’m willing to push for.  I am not one to desperately search for a male companion.
Since graduating High School, I have had two ‘serious’ boyfriends.  I guess that’s what you’d call them.  I dated one guy in college for about three years.  I guess we were serious simply since we dated for so long.  At that point, I believe we both felt like it was just the right thing to do: Stay together and eventually get married.  We were just comfortable with each other. I prayed and prayed for guidance in the relationship, and that brought me to a brick wall with giant bolded letters on it saying “NO!”  At the time, I wasn’t just upset I was MAD. Why on earth would I waste this much time on one guy that I’m not even going to spend my life with? Of course now looking back, so much of it made sense.  I met so many different people because I dated him. Friends I have to this day are because of him. Years later when I moved to Houston one of these girls also moved to Houston, and I do not know what I would have done without her.  So in one way, God was giving me a hard, huge, No, but in so many better ways, he was saying “Just wait because you will be blessed for your obedience.” 

Fast forward three more years, and I managed to re-connect with a guy I had gone to High School with.  Perfect family, perfect guy, perfect friend group, perfect little area.  A whirlwind, long distance relationship quickly ensued.  After about 8 months in, we decided Cooper would be a great addition to our little family, but the responsibility of a dog proved to be a little much for him.  In the end a “it’s me or the dog” brought me to realize it wasn’t going to work out.  Although talks of marriage had happened,  it was a mutual feeling that it just simply wasn’t going to work.  In the midst of everything, my constant praying for guidance went a different route than previously. Instead of saying “God please show me your will and allow me to accept your plans,” it was more like “God please make this work because it’s what I want.”  And yet again, God simply said,”Not this time Brooke.”  However, the things I was blessed with from that short relationship are completely immeasurable.  It brought me Cooper, who has shown me a love I didn’t even know was possible. It brought me to re-connect with many of my old high school friends.  It even brought me a new friend, who I consider one of my absolute best friends now.  Again, God was working his own plan in the midst of my romantic implosion. He was showing me that although some roads lead to No, there are so many more Yesses along the way.

Sometimes I, we, focus on that final No way too much and oversee all the little Yesses he is also saying.  I truly trust in God’s plan for my future.  I know that once I do find my ‘Happy Ever After’, I will be shown an earthly love just like God’s heavenly love.  I believe every single ‘No’ I receive in my life will lead me to the next ‘Yes’.  Every time I bow my head, I ask God for guidance in his plan, and to allow my heart to trust in his will rather than my own.  I constantly thank God for each NO in my life, and pray that I am able to see every single YES, as small or large as it may be.  For the lord will never lead me into a place I am not supposed to be.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to  harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”                       Jeremiah 29:11




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