Thankful, Grateful, Blessed❤️

On this day of thankfulness, most people spend time reflecting on what they have been blessed with.  I think it would be nearly impossible for me to list out all of my blessings. A simple ‘Thank You Jesus‘ is the phrase constantly running through my head today.  Out of all years, I believe this year my heart is in a different place, a much better place, and I can step back and simply say ‘Wow.’ All the things I used to think I needed, I looked over SO many things I already have. I hope and pray for everyone today.  That you are able to just take a step back and say Wow. Instead of focusing on what you might want, you are able to see every single blessing in your life, and I hope you are in awe just like I have been.

To you and your family, I hope you have the most amazing Thanksgiving and start to the holiday season.  I pray for safe travels and happy times,  lots of delicious food and even more radiant laughs.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!


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