Weekend Re-Wind 11/16/16

I promise, eventually I am going to get the swing of this blog timing thing and be a little more on time with these things.  But in the spirit of catching up!!!!

This weekend was seriously an absolute blast!  I was off work again on Friday and met up with my mom, sister and Nana at the Houston Nutcracker Market.  The Nutcracker Market is just a HUGE Christmas buying extravaganza.  I tried to get a few pictures to show you guys, but it is so much more of an experience than a shopping trip.  I think I only bought 3 things the entire weekend.  The same could not be said for my fellow shoping mates.  I actually made it to the market right when the doors open, and holy moly…. The mass amounts of women trying to rush into this place… It was kinda totally nuts.  I found myself a mimosa and a seat and chilled until the family showed up.  In past years, we have always gone on the Friday of the market (it runs Thursday to Sunday).  I do not ever remember a Friday being sooooo packed and crazy!!  They also have multiple full bars throughout the market area (thank heavens), so Bloody Marys were the first purchase of the day.  We shopped from about 10 AM to 2 PM.

Cooper was at home, and I had a friend coming in town.  Plus, we wanted to get the heck out of dodge before all the 5:00 traffic.  We maybe made it through half of the market.  I’m telling you, the place is huge!

Cooper was so excited a visitor was coming

A good friend of mine, also came in town to spend the weekend and do fun things!  Since she had never been to a dine in movie theater, we decided to go see Dr. Strange at Studio Movie Grill.  The movie was AMAZING.  She totally shares my Star Wars, Marvel, Comics obsession, so we get along quite well.  Saturday morning, we were at the Nutcracker Market with another friend of mine an hour before the doors opened.  So we found our place in line.  We weren’t in a huge rush or anything, so we just hung out a bit and chatted.  I will say, Saturday, actually, was not as insane as Friday.  We managed to do the entire market by 2 PM, which was the same amount of time it took me with my family to do about half.  We were all pretty successful in our finds!  I bought a really pretty cross ornament to match my tree, and a tin piece to put out in my living room.

After relaxing and getting off our feet for an hour or so back at the apartment, we decided to go check out the Degas exhibit at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.  Of course, it was absolutely amazing.  My friend is a history major, but also has taken many classes in art history.  It was an absolute blast hearing all the back stories on the pieces and just more information on what made the artist paint in such a way.  Being a former dancer, Degas has always captured my attention.  His ballet pieces are breath-taking.

We decided to get dinner at the Original Carrabbas on Kirby after the museum.  We didn’t really eat lunch, or breakfast, so we were STARVING.  The food was fantastic; the atmosphere was fantastic; it was just all around perfection.  Sunday was a super chill day.  I started the day off with church.  My friend headed home pretty early to get to her hubby.  I spent the rest of the day watching The Crown on Netflix.  If you have not started watching it yet, DO IT.  You will not regret it one bit!!  It is so so crazy interesting!!!  The acting is amazing, the costuming and sets are breath-taking.  Just watch it.

Check It Out

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