Tonight, me and Cooper will be celebrating by watching all things Mickey Mouse:  Steamboat Willie, Fantasia (next on my marathon list), Fun and Fancy Free, Mickey’s Christmas Carol… All things Mickey Mouse.

I’m thinking about making some sort of Mickey Mouse dessert item, just because I really want some chocolate (MICKEY MOUSE RICE CRISPIES).  I will most definitely be raising a glass to Mickey tonight!

I, luckily, was never the little kid that was afraid of giant costumed humans (not that I knew humans were inside the costumes).  I don’t remember most of my early Disney trips, but I do remember meeting Mickey Mouse, and getting his autograph, and being just totally amazed.  I guess in some way, since Walt Disney is no longer alive, he lives through Mickey Mouse, or at least that’s how I have always viewed it.  No, Walt wasn’t perfect, but no human actually is.  He was pretty inspirational though, and he has always inspired me to pursue my dreams.  If you look at the Disney movies, and the Disney songs, and the Disney parks, they all come back to the one theme:

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
                                    Walt Disney

Mickey Mouse embodies this whole ideal to me!  To say “it all started with a mouse” is just completely mind-boggling.  A small tiny mouse is what started this HUGE, GIANT Corporation with hundreds of films, 11 different theme parks around the world, and a hundred different companies and studios.  One man’s faith in something so small was capable of growing to be an explosion of success and a lifetime of happiness for so many generations to come.  Today is a celebration of not only Mickey Mouse, but the birth of this incredible Company.

So Happy Birthday to the faith of yesterday, the hope in today and the courage for tomorrow!  Happy Birthday to the mouse who has always encouraged me to chase my dreams and not settle for anything less!  Happy Birthday to the Mouse that started it all!  

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!!


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