Weekend Re-Wind 11/6/16

A tad bit late, but finally catching up!  This weekend, I spent in my hometown doing a bunch of different fun activities.  It was my little brothers last high school football game (he’s in the band and on the drum line, not a football player).  It was also my mom’s birthday.  My family finally let me cook them dinner (it was delish).  Me and my sister fired up my mom’s new cri-cut explore and made some pretty neat signs for the house.  Cooper had a blast playing and running around in my parents backyard.  It was a pretty chill weekend, but fun nonetheless.

I was able to go watch my little brother in his last pep-rally.  I also have to mention, he is the baby of the family.  So when I say the last pep-rally/last football game, my parents legitimately had their LAST high school football game/pep rally with a kid to cheer on.  They say they were both excited and relieved, but I know my mom was sighing a little more than normal.  Of course he had a blast, and the drum line always has an impressive routine!  We were playing our huge rivals, the PNG Indians, so it was an intense game.  They call it the Bum Phillips Bowl because Bum Phillips coached at both schools.  My high school lost, sadly.

Brice is the one in the hat.

Co-incidentally my Aggies lost too… But we won’t delve into all that.  Saturday I cooked for my mom, which was a blast.  We also finally set up her cricut for her and had some fun crafting.  My mom and nana made some thanksgiving signs.  I decided to go with something for my bedroom.

It’s never a full family weekend without giving Brice some sort of hard time.  My dad thought it would be entertaining to convince him that he would be required to dress up for dinner, and that we were all in dresses and heels and coats.  So he got all nice and dolled up, walked into my grandparents house (where we were eating), and saw that all of us were lacking makeup and any sort of nice clothing.  He wasn’t too happy about it, but we all got a nice laugh from it.  Conveniently, my parents live next door to my grandparents, so Brice was able to walk back home to change into more comfortable clothing.

Cooper always has a blast at his Meemee and Pops house!  As you can tell, he was pretty exhausted for a few days after all the excitement.  The yorkie is my parents dog, Mia.  She is quite the little princess!  She’s crazy sweet though.  Her and Cooper have an interesting time together.


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