It’s November!!!

It’s finally November!!!  Yes, I know I’m a couple of days late…. (sorry about that)  I actually have been busy taking down all my Halloween decor and going through my boxes and boxes of Christmas stuff.  Christmas is THE best time of the year. Hands down.

So November is here.  October basically flew by.  Actually this entire year has flown by, not that I don’t welcome it.  2016 has been…. well interesting.  Not all bad things, but I am still welcoming, with open arms, this new exciting holiday season!  The weather still is not very conducive to being Fall.  Hopefully that changes like tomorrow, because this hot weather and my allergies are SO over summer.  My mom’s birthday is this weekend, so she likes to start off the month pretty strong.  I’m going to my hometown to celebrate her with the rest of my family.  They are finally letting me cook dinner for everybody, and I am SO SO SO excited!! (Look out for the recipes next week)  The next weekend, we will have the Nutcracker Market here in Houston.  Basically, it’s just a HUGE Christmas Decor Market, and it is an absolute BLAST!  We usually tailgate outside in the parking lot before shopping. (I told you it was a big deal right?) Overall, the month should be pretty packed with fun and exciting things to do!  We also have the Renaissance Festival going on in town.  I’ve never been before, but always wanted to go, so I think I might finally be able to attend with a couple of friends of mine in a few weeks!  Like I said, lots of fun and exciting things!!  Of course, I FINALLY get to start decorating for Christmas (eeks!!!!).  Basically just The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (see what I did there… yes I have started listening to Christmas music).  I am also praying on my decision to join the Church here in town that I’ve been attending.  They welcome new members at the middle of this month, and it’s been on my heart, so I’m hoping God can lead me in the right direction in my decision on this.  I don’t want to become an avid “church hopper”, so I am taking the decision pretty seriously.

Some things I really want to accomplish this month:
Read at least 2 new books
Stop with all the TV
Train Cooper to stay in Place when people come to the door

Read and Study 3 more books in the New Testament
Bake a cake that is actually edible (I’ve had about 3 EPIC fails in the last week and a half)
Hang up my bedroom decor
Convince my family to join me at church
Start running again

“If you can visualize it, If you can dream it, There’s some way to do it.”
                                          -Walt Disney


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