Howl O Ween 2016

Cooper has had the funnest Halloween ever this year!  Since I picked him up on Halloween last year, this is the first one that we’ve actually been able to do fun Halloween stuff for.  Last year before going to pick Cooper up from his breeder, I ran to PetSmart and found this Eeyore costume that was absolutely adorable.  Unfortunately last year, Cooper was only 6 lbs and well a Large Eeyore Halloween costume did not fit so well.  So I was SO excited for this year so he can finally be my little eeyore, and I might be a little bias, but he is just the cutest eeyore ever!


Cooper’s daycare actually had a Barktoberfest a week ago, and he was able to dress up and play with all this friends Halloween games!  They had a spooky maze, smores doggy treats, a costume contest, a scavenger hunt, and were able to listen to spooky Halloween music all day long!  The daycare posted all the pictures on their Facebook Page, and oh my goodness it is just the absolute cutest thing!  The workers were able to let me know that my genius dog got tired of hunting for toys in the scavenger hunt, and resorted to simply eating the plain hay…  (His daycare is called Peace Love and Dogs, but the way, for anybody here in Houston)

My apartment had a Halloween party a couple of days ago, with a magician, and luckily dogs were invited!  Cooper was able to don that Eeyore costume yet again.  He received so much attention by everybody, he loved it.

Then today we made it out to the Bridgeland Community in Cypress for their annual Howl-O-Ween Festival.  It was one of the coolest things ever!  There were a ton of people there, and there were so many activities.  It was very kid friendly, and VERY pet friendly.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Cooper was able to trot around (he knows he’s adorable) and go trick or treating!  He absolutely loved it.  Not sure if the constant smiling was because he was having a blast or because he was incredibly thirsty.  It was pretty hot, so we were only there for about an hour, and Cooper had to take the Eeyore costume off eventually because I was worried about him getting too hot.  We came home with all sorts of goodies for him!  He’s been passed out for a couple of hours now.  I think it was sort of exhausting for him.  I didn’t get a ton of pictures, but they had a large set up, with live entertainment and food trucks.  It was pretty awesome.

At this point, I feel like we’re both probably pretty Halloween’ed out, and will call it a year on this holiday.  We are SOOOOOOO excited for Christmas though!!!!


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