Cooper the Curious Cavapoo

I suppose it is time to introduce you guys to my favorite part of myself, my sweet little Cooper.  (Prepare yourself for a picture overload, we have a whole year to catch up on)  I adopted him as a puppy, and on October 31, one week from today, I will have had him in my life for an entire year!!!  It’s so hard for me to believe it’s already been a year, but at the same time, it’s so hard to believe I have only had him for a year.

These are all pictures from the first couple weeks I brought him home.

If you can’t tell, he has the BIGGEST personality of any dog I have ever met.  He is a complete goofball, and occasionally runs into walls.  He’s afraid of pretty much everything, and I’ll find him barking at the most random things.  Basically, this is Cooper’s world, and I’m just living in it.

He turned 1 on August 20, and, naturally, I had birthday pictures made.  Turns out he actually was afraid of the flash on the professional camera, so these were much trickier to get than I had originally thought.  We still managed to get some pretty amazing shots though.  My cousin is a professional photographer in my hometown, and she took these photos for me.  She did a pretty fantastic job, though I am a tad biased on his cuteness.

I opted to give him a full-fledged “Birthday week” since that is what I generally give myself.  So Cooper got a small present every day leading up to his birthday, with his big present on his actual birthday.  Watching him try to open all the smaller gifts, was probably much more entertaining for me than him.  He did get his own couch for his big present though.

Since his first birthday fell on a Saturday, my crazy party planning self decided I needed to throw a huge hot-dog/picnic themed 1st birthday bash for him and all his puppy friends.  Luckily, my parents are awesome and let me host the party in their backyard.  It was seriously, THE funnest thing in the entire world.  We had human and dog activities and food.  Turns out all the dogs were actually pretty afraid of the ball pit… which was ironic.  We had a doggy cake, and sang happy birthday to Cooper and blew out candles.  Everybody even brought presents for him to open!  Again, I am incredibly blessed by my friends and family that go along with my “crazy”.

If you can’t tell, Cooper is probably the best thing I never knew I needed.  He is most definitely my little fur child.  He is also my favorite adventure buddy, so I’ll be posting our fun adventures here!  Probably loaded down with pictures, but since it’s a Monday, I figured his precious little face can bring a few smiles 🙂


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